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You're not built to feel bad.

Every cell in your body is programmed to restore and maintain health if we provide the right conditions and instructions.

That's why our approach is focused on lifestyle & nutrition, environment, comprehensive assessment, and functional lab testing to identify blind spots and eliminate root cause(s).

If you've decided it's time for a smarter approach to health, the next step is to schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. DeFrancesco to find out if you qualify and if our solution is a good fit for you.

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What People Are Saying About Thriving Force

Skilled and compassionate guidance to help you meet all your health goals. Dr. Sara DeFrancesco stays current on science and trends within the naturopathic field, so she’s up-to-the-minute on important things you may not have heard of.
Dr. Sara is an incredibly detail-oriented practitioner who wants to make her current patients her former patients as efficiently and timely as possible, by helping them get and STAY well!
Best doctor ever!!! I’ve had Hashimotos for 12 years now, and am finally starting to make some traction with Dr. Sara on making progress. I would recommend her to anyone. She’s thorough, communicative, and cares about her patients. She just gets it... She gets healing the body not just treating it.
Wow, a smart and compassionate doctor AND an acupuncturist? Dr. DeFrancesco has so much to offer just about any patient. Her fun and sassy spirit is a rare gem in the medical industry. I highly recommend her.
She’s vibrant, smart, and committed to helping people regain and restore their health! Dr. Sara absolutely rocks!
Dr. DeFrancesco is spectacular. She is a talented, thoughtful, and supportive doctor. She makes healthy living and wellness fun and accessible. The combination of naturopathy and acupuncture is not to be missed. I highly recommend her for any and all healthcare needs. I found that she always had simple tips to improve whatever health situation and she was very informative and knowledgeable.