Healing Leaky Gut For Optimal Immune Function & Health

The reason digestion and gut health are so important is because they not only affect these areas of nutrition and health, but they also play a vital role in immunity and preventing inflammation in our cells, organs, and tissues.

Poor nutrition, inflammatory foods, infections, and physical or emotional stress can damage digestive functionleading to nutrient deficiencies, malabsorption, and an inflammatory condition called “leaky gut” or intestinal permeability. 

Common Hormone Health Problems & What To Do About It

When hormones are referred to in popular culture it’s usually in reference to estrogen and testosterone, two of our sex hormones. In addition to sex hormones, there are many different hormones in the body with wide ranging effects on our health.

Hormones are messenger cells. They are in charge of stimulating and triggering another cell, tissue, or organ to take a specific action. The proper function of hormones is essential for health in both men and women. 

Food As Medicine & How To Personalize Your Nutrition Plan

Food is many things. It’s about pleasure, connecting with friends and family, ritual, and even experiencing new cultures. Food is life. And eating well sets a solid foundation of health and healing that can set you apart from illness, fatigue, and the incredible number of pesky and painful symptoms caused by chronic nutrient deficiencies and inflammation.

Poor nutrition, inflammatory foods, infections, and physical or emotional stress can damage digestive organs, causing an inflammatory cascade throughout the body.

Healing Chronic Illnesses With Natural Medicine and Wellness Care

Our clinic is focused on wellness care (health creation) and the prevention, treatment, and reversal of chronic health problems. We treat the cause, teach you everything you need to know, and laser in on the problem with targeted, individualized treatments to achieve effective and permanent results.

Natural medicine isn’t a better health solution just because it’s natural. Natural medicine is a better solution because it produces better health outcomes by treating the cause and maximizing function instead of managing symptoms while an illness continues to progress.