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A natural medicine clinic that provides proactive, patient centered, root cause resolution health care to reverse illness and rebuild your health.



BY NATURE, your body already knows the most sacred secrets of humanity, passed down through ancient evolution & the wisdom of biology—but kept under modern medicine’s lock and key. BY NATURE, you possess a force that will take warrior-like care of you, guard you, and rally with you against the everyday struggles and stresses of being a human being on this planet full of challenges and changes, ups and downs, good moments and bad. BY NATURE you have the power to turn weakness into strength, sickness into health, and your greatest shortcomings, into your greatest assets. And on behalf of nature, THIS IS A CALL for the human race to take back what’s rightly theirs, and remember what it’s like to truly feel alive. This is a call for you, and for all of us, to take back ownership of the most precious gift we’ve been given:


Our Thriving Force

Naturally Innovative Inside & Out


Complete health care featuring the best conventional and natural methods available.

Advanced diagnostics including functional lab testing and interpretation.

Real time with your doctor with our standard 1 hour visits.

Advanced Health

Natural treatment options to reverse illness and rebuild your health.

Proactive plans focused on the cause so you can advance your health and live medication free.

Individualized treatment plans and medicines formulated specifically for you.

On Your Terms

Transparent and affordable pricing with no surprise bills or markups on supplements or labs.

Insurance-free health care so that your medical decisions and records stay between you and your doctor.

Unlimited support, access to your records, and scheduling via our secure online portal.



Thriving Force Natural Medicine is a cutting edge medical clinic in Portland, Oregon, whose practice is underscored by one big message: Innovate or die.

Lead physician Dr. Sara DeFrancesco is doing just that by redefining exactly what real human health looks like, feels like and acts like, as well as how we can achieve it–without having to turn to unnecessary pharmaceuticals or accept the miserable (and misleading) defeat that is the myth of “old age.” By intelligently pairing big advancements in modern medicine alongside important biological wisdom sourced from the ancient, Thriving Force isn’t just any medical clinic; it’s a healthcare movement. One calling all visionaries, big thinkers, entrepreneurs, go-getters, newcomers, conscious creators, and everyone with the not-so-sneaky suspicion that your body is connected in critical ways you never knew.


Get more energy, elevate your mood, impress your friends with your mental sharpness, and start living in total body comfort.

Dr. Sara DeFrancesco is a Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist in Portland, OR.

Find out how Thriving Force is partnering with patients by delivering cutting edge, root cause resolution health care to give people back their lives and maximize their potential.

Dr. Sara DeFrancesco is a Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist in Portland, OR.

Thriving Force Natural Medicine proudly operates two health care divisions depending on who you are and what you need.

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